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New RoadBudee device aims to stop distracted driving

New RoadBudee device aims to stop distracted driving

Reducing the number of collisions on roads is beneficial for all parties. For drivers, it would mean safer driving conditions and lower premiums, and for insurance companies it would mean less risk and less claims.

One inventor from Montreal believes that he can help reduce auto collisions with a new solution. He says his device is specifically targeted to reduce distracted driving, especially where a driver is distracted by a smartphone.

The RoadBudee is an invention from Patrick Dubois. It works as a car-mounted device that locks down the vehicle until a smartphone is plugged into it. If a phone is disconnected from the RoadBudee for any reason, the vehicle engine will be turned off.

As texting and emails are as much a distraction as calls, the device also stops messages coming to the device. It instead sends a message to received messages that says “I can’t text right now”.

“The only thing you have access to is your incoming calls, the navigation and the GPS,” Dubois told CTV. “It’s not a punitive act, the only thing we want you to know is that texting and driving is wrong.”

RoadBudee costs $150, but Dubois wants insurance companies to realize the benefits of encouraging users to buy a device. They can do this by offering discounts to drivers with the device in their vehicle.

Dubois has a personal interest beyond seeking a business opportunity. His then-girlfriend was struck by a distracted driver when she was nine months pregnant in 2008.

“They were stopped at the light and the man never stopped, he literally just smashed into them without breaking whatsoever,” he said. “I saw the man and he was talking to police and to witnesses and he said that he was actually texting, he’s so sorry, he was running late.”

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